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Proprietary Products

We have several products used on molds that are available only thru Strommen Engineering. These include our line of Peek handles, primarily used on book molds in the medical field; they are available in four sizes.

We also offer two different sizes of glass filled shipping straps. These are used to keep the molds together at the parting line. The straps are designed to break, preventing damage to the mold if they were not properly removed during the setup process. The smaller of the two are designed for mud set type units.

We have a unique hinge that can be used in many different applications, preferably book molds used in medical silicone molding. These hinges are made using 420 stainless steel, hardened to 52/54 Rc.

If you are interested in currant pricing or additional information on any of these products contact Bill Strommen at bill@strommeneng.com .