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This machine was purchased primarily for hard milling cavities directly into hardened tool steel. With a spindle speed of 30,000 rpms, the V33 can cut with a cutter diameter as small as .008. It has a 40 position tool changer which makes it possible to have 39 cutting tools pre-set & a Marposs probe used for measuring cavity sizes as well as positioning the work piece on absolute center.

To insure accuracy it is also equipped with a Blum laser. This is used for setting the bottom of the cutter & measures the cutter size along with corner radii & angle. This provides for constant measuring of the cutter wear while cutting cavities.

For cutter lubrication & coolant it is equipped with full flood temperature controlled oil. It also has an auger system that carries the chips to a filter, where the oil is then reused & the almost dry chips are deposited directly into a waste container.

We increase our efficiency by hard milling many of our cavities this allowing us to reduce our EDM time by at least 50%.

Some of the other equipment we use includes

Makino 43 EDM

EDNC43Our Makino 43 EDM sinker is equipped with a 32 position tool changer which gives us the opportunity to burn lights out over nite or during the week ends unattended. This machine has a 64 AMP power supply with a C axis for rotating the electrodes. It is capable of very fine finishes to a Ra of 4. We also have a CHARMILLS FORM 20 EDM sinker with a 32 amp power supply. Both machines are equipped with EROWA 40 tooling.

Okomoto Grinders

OkomotoOur OKOMOTO grinders, consists of a 12 x 24 which is used for larger plates or multiple smaller inserts. Our second OKOMOTO is an 8 x 20. this machine is mainly used for grinding smaller inserts to a tolerance of .00005. Both these grinders grind with full flood water coolant and are fully automatic with final depth settings & a specified number of spark outs passes.

Okada 543

OkadaOur OKADA 543, high speed graphite machine produces 90% of all our electrodes which are used in our two EDM sinkers. This machine is equipped with a 30,000 RPM spindle and an eight position tool changer. It is fully controlled using Mastercam soft ware.

Okuma MB-46VAE CNC

OkumaOur OKUMA MB-46VAE CNC mill is used mainly for getting steel ready for heatreat & machining mold bases to finish dimensions. This machine is equipped with an 8,000 RPM spindle. We also finish cut cavities in hardened steel as well as prehard material. It is equipped with full flood water coolant and a Renshaw probe used for measuring & finding center locations of inserts to be machined. All our CNC milling machines are controlled using Mastercam software. The same person does the programming as well as the actual set-up & machining.